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Luis Bermejo

Alaya Capital

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Luis/Alaya has made every possible error when supposedly trying to help our company. 1- We negotiated terms during 2 months because they were trying to enforce unusual rights for them, when we finally agreed verbally we started drafting contracts and were about to sign, to find 1 day before of signing date that all the terms needed to change due to a restriction they had from one of their LPs. We had to re-negotiate everything. 2- We were severely impacted by an industry crisis, and asked for emergency funding. After a lot of meetings and more than 2 months, he agreed to invest again. A week later, he backed out saying that his LP commitee didn't approve the investment (in his own words, this happened because he didn't explained the situation correctly to them). He also said that it was in the best interest of the fund to wait until we were in a worst situation and invest in a lower valuation. 3- We needed the money, so we asked them to review the decision and for us to explain the situation to the comitee (to avoid Luis doing it). The meeting went well, they said they were reviewing the decision and asked for more financial information (salaries, expenses, etc.). After a couple of weeks they asked a meeting to review this. In the meeting, one of the partners joined the call while driving in the car, and they tried to enforce us to fire our highest payed employee and to cut our salaries even more (we were severely underpaid at the moment). Our perception was that they were saying that they wouldn't invest if we didn't do as they told us. In summary, they do not know how to do their job, they do not want to help founders, and they will add a lot of negative value to the companies they invest in.
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