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Jason Calacanis


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Jason is clearly a very well interconnected person in Silicon Valley. He managed to create a personal brand for himself that only few people (if anyone at all) did. That being said, his sole focus seems to be, to build that personal brand out even further, which leads to him being not very helpful beyond. While his vast rolodex definitely can help with getting a few intros, and he's willing to provide some of those, he's not one of those investors who will sit down with you, vet candidates, discuss strategy and be strong and willing thought- and conversation partner. To be fair, the sheer number of investments he's taking on through the LAUNCH accelerator, simply doesn't allow for it, and I'm not sure how other Accelerator program are providing guidance during or post the participation... All in all, a very smart & well connected person, with his heart at the right place, who is very knowledgeable in the VC scene, but never really built a meaningful tech-product himself and won't be there with you "in the trenches" (as they say.. lol...) fighting to push your business to the next level.
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