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Jarrid Tingle

Harlem Capital

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Founders, don't take the meeting, just don't. Unless you want to be gaslighted by people who don't understand VC or entreprenuership (or even seem to really care about it.) Jarrid is interesting. I think he means well, he just seems to be caught up in the hype. He seems very intelligent, but investing doesn't suit him or his colleagues well. I am not even sure why an LP would give this group money. I get it that they're a new firm, but they are hyper-disorganized, and all over the place, and the founder will pay for it. They are more concerned with a Hollywood pursuit; the "lights, camera, action", their fashion, and the likes on social media than they are the fund, and truly serving founders. The entire team needs to practice more humility, and realize they too have much, much further to go. A $40M fund is bread crumbs, don't get so caught up in the hype, and lose focus. Founders, RUN. LPs, RUN.
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