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Laura Chau


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We allowed Canaan to join our pre-seed round, because as a young company having the Canaan name attached seemed worthwhile. Even though it was a very small check, Laura promised to be involved, deploy pro-rata rights, be helpful, make introductions, look at our seed round, and Series A seriously, and actually give us the time of day. Instead after the pre-seed funds were wired, Laura ghosted us with every single ask. Laura did not give us the time of day for the seed round, or Series A capital raise. She did not deploy pro-rata in the seed, and refused to even take a pitch for the Series A. The business has significant traction, raised a Seed from a Tier 1 fund, and has multiple Tier 1 funds circling the Series A. Our team is more confused than anything by Laura's rather bizarre behavior. Having Laura or Canaan on your cap table is not worth it, they add no value, the name means nothing, and Laura is a ghost that doesn't give you the time of day. They are not founder friendly, nor do they care about founders they invest in. Waste of time. Stay away.
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