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Katelin Holloway


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Katelin, like all of the 10's on VC Guide, is incredibly smart, generous with her time, and proactive about ways she can help. However, what really sets Katelin apart is that she is an absolute pro in the areas you rarely hear VC's talk about, but every CEO loses sleep over: People Operations. Before I became an entrepreneur, I don't think I appreciated how challenging HR issues can be, and if you are fortunate enough to really scale a team at your startup, you quickly realize just how complicated people ops can be. Since the start of the pandemic, Katelin has single-handedly gotten our company over what felt like impossible hurdles — layoffs, firings, compensation changes, employee mediation, executive coaching, and more. We're now doing better than ever, and I can honestly say that we may not have made it out of the first year of the pandemic without Katelin. Alexis is obviously a very big name (and we love him too), but everybody who knows Katelin knows that she's the secret weapon at 776, but won't be for long.
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