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Joe Lonsdale


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I've worked with Joe for 7 years and he gave me my start in tech, we ultimately spun a company out of his fund in 2016 where he serves on the board. Joe like everyone else, is mutli-faceted and over the last 7 years I've seen and worked with him through many crises, wins and losses. I've only had a short amount of experience in business, but I could not think of a better person to have had in my corner throughout my business career. He has integrity, is loyal (and I'm talking about real loyalty and courage, not BS back slapping when your company is going great), is extremely creative and unbelievably hard working [email response time is sub 10 minutes during waking hours]. If you want to maximize your odds of success and are lucky enough to do so, I'd highly recommend working with him. Speaking from personal experience as a reaction to the other comments here, every founder and board member have their moments, but years later things are better than ever and I wouldnt have done anything differently. I think his characterization as predatory is unfair, not applicable and I highly doubt that the person who made the comment has anywhere near as much context as I do.
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