Featured: 10 Must-Meet Technical Investors


Xuezhao Lan from BSV

Lan invested in our seed round, and was by far the most helpful partner as we navigated our Series A. This was our first time going through the institutional fundraising process, and we left with 4 term sheets in less than 3 weeks. To share a few of the things that stand out about Lan : 1) responsiveness — through nights / weekends / last second issues, Lan was always available as a sounding board 2) vulnerability — we trusted sharing details with Lan that we might feel unsure/insecure sharing with other investors and 3) guidance — we leaned on Lan heavily for pacing our process and messaging to different funds along the way.

Xuezhao Lan from Basis Set

Lan comes to her conviction quickly and closes the deals she wants in a very short time. As an investor, she is always there to support you. At least one of their existing portfolio companies had a hard time raising before landing Basis Set’s investment. Now that company is highly coveted by downstream investors but nearly impossible to get an access to.

Xuezhao Lan from Basis Set Ventures

20/10. How do I put her on the top of this board? Literally the most no BS investor I've ever met. Very Asian tiger mom, in the best of ways. Sarcastic & dry sense of humor, but very caring. Practical, rational. Incredible investor, and even more incredible as someone who supports her co's. Even better friend. Must have for future of work/enterprise/AI/logistics founders.

Xuezhao Lan from Basis Set Ventures

Hardworking and helpful.

Xuezhao Lan from Basis Set Ventures

Extremely kind, absolutely no bs. One of the qualities I love about Lan is her intuitions about go to market and business sizing; she was extremely helpful for me during my ideation phase. Her team at BSV is also very nice to work with. P.S. If you get a chance to stop by the office, have some of the espresso it's fire ;)

Xuezhao Lan from Basis Set Ventures

She was pretty fast on the initial small check she gave us. The heavier due diligence came when she led our round earlier this year. She put in an enormous amount of work into that deal. She did more diligence than any other investor we've interacted with. Her area of expertise is around the technical side of the company. Her network is very engineering/product heavy, which helped us bring over engineering candidates. Our VPE was hired due to Lan's introductions.

Lan Xuezhao from Basis Set Ventures

Really a fantastic investor. Lan invests with high conviction and moves very quickly. Post transaction, Lan is even better. A true partner along the journey and super helpful with advice on follow-on rounds of financing, business strategy, and helpful introductions. You really couldn't find a better partner and if you're lucky enough to get a term sheet from her - take it!